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Two Brands One Mission

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Grace in Action

100% Local Community Focus

Born from our founder's social work experience as a Community Support Worker for over a decade in underprivilege communities in NJ. We offer support to families with young children, individuals facing addiction, STEM activities for youth, tutoring services, and Cybersecurity initiatives for seniors, teens, and local nonprofits.

GIA Cyber

Poised to Address The Multifaceted Needs of The Infosec Field


Central to our services is a strategic partnership with Splunk. This collaboration empowers students with vital skills for log management and security analysis. We're dedicated to addressing industry-wide challenges, including substance abuse, through Harm Reduction Services, providing life-saving tools like Narcan and Fentanyl Test kits. Recognizing the widespread burnout in cybersecurity, we offer mindfulness programs. Additionally, we provide resources and support for nurturing the career development of future cybersecurity experts.


At GIA , our mission is to be a beacon of hope and catalyst for change in both local and online communities. Locally, we're dedicated to closing the gap between high-paying skills and underserved communities through top-quality training, ensuring a pathway to brighter futures. Our commitment goes beyond education, as we provide essential support to families with young children, championing love, respect, and addressing addiction issues with harm reduction initiatives. Embedded within all of GIA's initiatives is a mindfulness approach, which empowers individuals from low-income areas to effectively navigate the challenges associated with accelerated learning, while also combatting the burnout culture within the tech industry. Together, we inspire, empower, and uplift communities, proving the profound impact of collective action for a greater cause.


Invest in Change

Donate to Empower youth at risk


In the heart of the neediest area in Elizabeth, The Boys and Girls Club stands as a beacon of light for youth facing adversity. Many come from backgrounds where parents are incarcerated, battling addiction, and struggling with poverty. Their commitment goes beyond the surface – it's about fostering deep relationships that lead to genuine change. By truly caring for our youth, we earn their trust to guide them towards brighter futures.

The Boys and Girls Club of Elizabeth provide essential programs to empower teens through leadership skills development, impactful conferences, engaging STEM initiatives, and festive celebrations like Christmas events. 

Your donations and contributions directly impact these young lives, providing essentials such as food, conference fees, materials and more. Join us in creating lasting change and empowering the dreams of those who need it most. Together, we can be the difference these youth deserve!


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